Robert Hern Jr.

“I want my Christian walk to be defined not by what I have achieved or accomplished for God, but by my obedience to the Lord.”
– Robert Hern Jr.

With these words, Robert, his wife, Jen, and their two daughters, Betthia and Shaunese, willingly but reluctantly left Victory Pioneer, an 8,000 member church in the Philippines, the comfort and familiarity of their “home”, and their long time family and friends, to obey the Lord and plant a church in San Diego, California.

Since 1989, Robert’s desire has always been to do whatever God wants Him to do. He got saved at the age of 18 and embraced Victory Christian Fellowship as his spiritual family. Since then he has taken on different tasks as a volunteer and later on as a paid staff in church. He first served in the ushering (set-up & clean-up) ministry then he became a worship leader, administrator, church building operations director, conference director, executive pastor, lead pastor, senior pastor, and now a missionary church planter. While taking on pastoral roles, he studied and completed his Masters of Arts in Christian Leadership.

Aside from all these, he has also grown to be a dynamic preacher. His sermons are simple, practical, and straight to the point but with a touch of humor. Having gone through a lot in his life–being raised by a single mom, the youngest of eight siblings, getting a scholarship to go to college, meeting his father for the first time in 28 years, losing a wife, losing a mom, getting married again–he preaches with so much passion and conviction while relating the Word of God to our everyday lives.